Playing in a BBO Team Event

  1. Each team should have a team name and all players on a team must have set up BBO nicknames.  If you want to set up a name just for this event make the names of your team members look somewhat like your team name.  For example team Texas might have player names Texas101, Texas102, Texas103, Texas104  This will make it easier for the director to know if all members of your team are online.

  2. When you register your team make sure to let the organizers know the partnerships for the first round.  For example:  NS: Texas101 & Texas103  EW: Texas102 & Texas104

  3. Before the event starts all players MUST make themselves familiar with online play on BBO.  We do NOT have time during the event to help you.  

  4. Each pair MUST have a convention card setup which they can load to the table.  Make yourself familiar with the process of setting up and loading a convention card.

  5. Please try and show up at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start of the match.  We cannot start a match until all 8 players in the match are logged in to BBO.

  6. When the match is about to start you will get an invitation that looks like this:

    Accept the invitation.  
    If you reject it the director will have to restart the match which can waste a lot of time.

  7. When the match starts you will be seated at a table.  Load your convention card.

  8. When the match is over and the director has posted the results you can view them at